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  • Access Anywhere
  • Unity+Oculus Rift Ready
  • Developer Friendly API

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Your VR settings are unique

While using the Oculus Rift, we have found that a personally calibrated setup is critical for immersion, avoiding eye strain, and reducing motion sickness.

VRapture ensures that once calibrated, your settings are synced across all VRapture enabled games and applications; even when using your friend's headset or peripherals.

Consider height and arm length. When your in game avatar shares your proportions, the feeling of immersion is intense—you perceive your avatar's arms as your own.


Open Source API

Out-of-the-box Oculus Rift and Unity3D Support

Once your Unity3D game or application is VRapture enabled, users sync their VR profile by scanning a QR code.

  • Developers simply Drag & Drop the VRapture asset.
  • Oculus Rift eye separation is applied automatically.
  • User height and limb length applied where applicable.
  • Unreal Engine 4 and Valve Source Engine support.
  • Razer Hydra, Kinect, and Virtuix Omni support.

Free and Open building blocks

We endeavour to ensure painless integration of VRapture with your game or application.

The VRapture API exposes a unified interface to a user's settings across a spectrum of VR peripherals. VRapture takes care of authentication and user permissions management. A developer simply asks for a user's device settings and JSON is returned. When a user rejects a request we let you know. Along with C++, C# and Python API's, the VRapture Unity3D module will be freely available in the Unity Asset Store.

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